Akashic Records on Libra – You Can Change the World

aa Libra 1 imageI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the harmonious, balanced energies of Libra. This is what they said:

This is a profound teaching needed for this time on Earth. That teaching is the planetary wisdom and movement towards equality, partnership, teamwork in harmony and grace. Is that not the movement that is afoot on your planet? Is that not the very epitome of the new world you wish to belong to and experience?

Your very nature is made up of harmony and beauty. But in the 3-dimensional world things get fragmented, divided up, disharmonious. There are competing factions rather than seeking and affirming the oneness of all. 

If you settle into your own heart, you will find there the rhythms of peace, of harmony, of regularity and balance, the in-pulse and the out pulse balancing each other. The yin and the yang of your world balance each other. Your own nature is made up of these contrasting forces in balance. But they easily get out of  balance. 

Now is an opportunity to bring many parts together into union – within yourself and with those around you, leading the way to a more beautiful union. You can create in your own personal life the vision of the world you want for all. This does reverberate out into the surrounding fields of energy that you participate in. Holding and living your vision of peace, love, and justice does affect the world. 

Bring your own being into alignment with the balance, harmony, and beauty you seek. And in your relationships bring that justice, fairness, equality and cooperation that is the model for all. This will be your personal contribution to healing your world. 

Go in grace, in beauty and in the true harmony of being. Trust that you are That. 


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