Akashic Records on Intense Energies

I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the current energies inundating our planet. This is what they said:

Greetings, dear ones.

These are indeed wild and wooly times for residents of planet Earth. It may sometimes feel like you’re riding a bucking bronco, and at other times like you’ve fallen into a pit that you can’t get out of. 

This is the nature of the powerful transformative forces churning up the old so that it may more easily be regurgitated and released. For cleansing is needed before the ground is fully ready to be planted with brand new life. You must till the ground and remove the rocks and that does take time and effort, as well as willing hands and feet.

That being said, you are all now on an adventure of freedom and power that you will look back upon with awe and gratitude. 

You are not alone – far from it. Citizens of Earth everywhere are comingling conscious intentions to invite and anchor in themselves the seedlings of a new growing world. And there are many, many – countless, in fact – beings on the other side of the physical plane who are equally involved in this magisterial  plan, who are lending  their energy in ways you may never comprehend.

So be not alarmed by any intensities, no matter how they may feel in the moment. All is well and all will be well ongoingly, now and forever. 

Learn to take the grander view. You are on a mission of love that far exceeds your own personal desires. There is a new world being born and you are its seeds!

Blessings upon you all. 

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