Akashic Records on Gemini Energy

Screen shot 2014-New moon over treesI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the Gemini energy of quick communication. Here’s what they said:

You speak of the energies of Gemini, the elixir of mental quickness, speed, charm, wit, intelligence and all forms of communication. 

You know you live in the communication age and technologies that enhance and speed up communication dominate your world today. This is fine, it is all a stepping stone to the new energies and tools of inner and outer communication that are growing within your species. 

As the world progresses to a higher vibration and expression of its true potential – of humanity’s true potential – communication will be the foundation of that exponential growth. It is because of your technologies that there is already a closing of so many gaps that formerly separated people. 

It is learning, speaking, listening, sharing, being curious about each other that will allow you to enter a new phase  of your history. Enjoy the phase you are in now, and bring greater clarity and truth and open heartedness to all your exchanges. 

Now is a time to enjoy and explore different avenues of communication of your selfhood. In doing so you are not isolating yourselves or preening so much as you are defining the individual unique notes that together make the bouquet of humanity. Each one must become more truly defined within itself so that together the fragrance becomes the fullest and richest possible. 

So enjoy your exploration of the dazzling new open highways of communication that are free for all as never before. 

Be as the buzzing bees of summer darting from flower to flower, exchanging essences and pollinating a whole new world. It happens without their noticing and so it will be with you. 

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