Akashic Records on Finding Your Calling

Screen shot 2014-12-17 at 4.18.49 PMI asked the masters and guides of the Akashic Records to speak of the challenge of finding one’s calling.  This is what they said:

Finding your calling assumes it’s lost. But is never lost, just temporarily hidden. 

Sometimes you fail to look in the most obvious place, expecting a more esoteric or difficult answer. Sometimes you humans make it harder for yourselves then it needs to be. 

Why do you so frequently believe you are not enough as you are? That you must aspire to some higher image, as if God were not satisfied with you? 

That is the exact opposite of the truth. In trying to fit a higher image, you turn from the very core essence of your self and your divine mission – which is truly to be yourself, just as you were made.

So seek closer to home. Look into what it is about you that you reject. Look at the most innocent, fresh, pure aspect of yourself, that which you call the child part. Recall the freedom, purity, and creative joy you had as a child and see where that resides in you now.

What brings that joy alive in you today? Where does the echo of child innocence live in your life?

Freedom and joy will be yours when you step into your soul’s path. It will not require you to change who you are, only to admit who you are. And to choose to step more fully into who you are.

So learn to accept yourself first. Then what you are here to do, give, and express will become radiantly clear to you. 


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