Akashic Records on Capricorn New Moon/ Solstice

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 7.19.24 PMI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the powerful energies of Capricorn and the Winter Solstice. This is what they said:

Visualize a spear of ice emerging from the core of the Earth. This spine of truth, of determination and of new clarity brings with it a huge surge of energy that has been confined and is getting ready to release. 

This spear of ice is not physical but energetic and symbolizes the intense fulcrum of your winter passage, those of you in the northern hemisphere. It has the clarity of glittering light condensed into one shining moment, and has the directionality and forward thrust that is magnified at this time of turning.

This image is about rebirth- not yet of the plants but of the light itself, and of the energy of purpose and courage that is growing so much stronger in the hearts of humans. 

This energy bursting forth from the confines of the Earth is here as a protection and a messenger of life. You hear it and many do. You are all being called to stand forth in your commitment, focus and purpose. 

The higher value of Capricorn is to bring all your energies together into one sharp point where you can use them to cut through the ties of old meanings that have caught you for so long.

Use this clarity and glittering light to concentrate your minds and hearts on the new, what is emerging, what is calling you to attention. You have stepped into what is emerging – you have called it forth as much as it calls you. 

Bringing your passion and love into harness of the courage and focus it requires to accomplish true change – that is what you will be witnessing more and more in the coming time. 

Freedom requires honesty, courage, purposeful commitment and living a new song, entering a new life. All this and more is being given you now. 

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