Akashic Records on Aries Energy

Screen shot 2014-New Moon BlueI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the Aries New Moon energy. This is what they said:


The forceful, clear energy of Aries is like a trumpet blast that sings out into the crystal, still-cold air of early Spring, awakening all who hear his call.

Let this voice of awakening be yours. Listen within and trust what you hear and feel – that urge, that impulse to spring forth and act on behalf of all life, all growth, all newness. Be the one who first catches the whiff of what is wanting to emerge out of the nothing and become form.

Be the creator, the magician of mastery and metamorphosis, from whose touch arises a new thought carved out of no past. 

You are the one who has been ordained to step forward courageously, to take your mantle and banner and lead those who rise on the wave of your courage and confidence.

Be the one whose boldness emboldens others. For the time is here when many leaders are being called to stand up and lead. Trust what you feel stirring within. It will not betray you, for you are among the new guard, the many early listeners who later will be viewed as ahead of your time.

But this IS your time and you have trained well for it.

Now rise and take up your power and your joy. You are youthful enthusiasm, courage, and the fervor of new life that is pushing up from the roots of the grasses everywhere.

Be with that energy of newness. The world needs you now.

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