Akashic Records on Aquarian Energy

New MoonI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the Aquarius New Moon energy. This is what they said:
Ah, the Age of Aquarius… Indeed, you are right to embrace this voluminous energy that shakes your world. You are now on the threshold of this turning and the majesty of the Aquarian energies are being felt far and wide.
All the impulses towards collective sharing and universal acknowledgment of life and love, of communal efforts and peace as the prevailing ethic – these come from the perspective of Aquarius.
You are boldly stepping into a new world view that has a bigness of expanse and vision and a power and grandeur to it. Now is not the time to parse and separate and divide in an excess of accounting zeal but to generously enfold and include and welcome all into the tribe of humanity.
You are already living with one foot in the Aquarian age, if you are forward-thinking and evolutionary in your vision and impulse. Those of you who feel impatient and can hardly contain a huge force that surges through you, that impels you forward, that you are searching for a home for – know that home is being created and will be found soon by more and more.
That being said, this moon is just a precursor and taste of that energy and an occasion for those of you who choose to activate that frequency to support your forward-looking missions.
The Age of Aquarius is coming, have no doubt of that. You already feel its thunder rolling through your world. Be its harbingers in your own life and you bring the force of the many into your own purposeful vision. 


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