Akashic Record Guides on Sagittarius

Screen shot New Moon SagI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the energies of Sagittarius. This is what they said:

Sagittarius, the noble archer, points the way for humanity. He shows and teaches that the correct path of trajectory is out to the limitless fields of potential. Not to be confined within the old vision of what life can be. Not to submit to the dicta of days gone by when your life was ruled by arbitrary authority.

This is a new day and dazzling light on the horizon calls you all forth. It is your job to follow and for each who hears the call to take up your bow and shoot your arrow forward into life to come.

Shoot your arrow where it will land in the creation of your dreams. Pick up your bow and shoot your arrow into the never-before imagined realm of infinite joy and bliss and all seeing, all knowing possibility.

You are the one the world is waiting for.

Each of you is a leader within your own reality. You must be willing to step forward and lead with your light blazing, held high in your hand where others can see it too. Each must shine your light that will spread around you, spreading the light of truth and knowledge and courage and joy for others to be uplifted.

This is the time to renew your courage and your vision. Not to do it heedlessly but in concert with others and in recognition of the stages of life as they are unfolding now.

You are all poised right now on the brink of an unknowable adventure.

Hold your courage high and brandish it like the powerful sign of possibility that will open the heavens and part the curtains that have been drawn from long times ago. Pierce the curtain and seek the shining truth that is your right and destiny.
Blessings to you.

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