Akashic Record Guides on Being Abundance

This is a topic of import and magnitude, greater than you know.

You seek abundance mainly for your own enhancement within your physical domain. Yet you are doing so much more when you lift to that frequency of Being Abundance.

What we see is a vast network of radiant light inter-meshing throughout your world and beyond.

What we see is a continual downflow of great beneficence, healing, and empowered greatness flowing to you from the angelic spheres increasingly. Not to you separately but to all your world.

When you lift your consciousness to embrace the frequency of Being Abundance Now, by seeing abundance everywhere around you, you too are becoming part of that inter-meshing golden light work. You are becoming an agent o f light, power, and healing for your world.

Of course you will personally benefit by lifting yourself into this meshwork of light and becoming part of it. How could it not be so? But it is far more than that, angelic workers. You are receiving currents of light that build your own circuitry and gradually lift your consciousness till you actually witness the new reality dawning.

As you gently transform your own inner circuitry, you become a bridge between the old world and the new. You not only receive, but activate that reality all around you, making it more accessible to all  whom you know, and all on planet Earth.

This is how it works, there is no other way, It is through the awakening of light nodes who connect with many other streams of light, that gradually your entire planet will be lit from within and from without.

All is changing, dear ones, and you are doing your part. Seek the inner frequency of love, gratitude and awe for all you see and your actions will reverberate throughout the cosmos in a chain-reaction of creative power beyond your wildest imaginings.

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