Akashic Record Guides on Meaning of 11:11

Image of 11-11I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the meaning of the 11:11 phenomenon. This is what they said:

11:11 is an ancient sign of opening. It is a portal, a meeting of worlds that stands ready for interpenetration. It is a reminder, to all who respond and notice, that something new has arrived on the planet. That there is a movement, inward and upward at the same time, and a desire to bring together the realms that have always stood apart.

Each 1 is an individual and there is a joining now. Not only is it “As above so below,” but we are together above and you are together below.

It is in joining together that the approach takes place. It is in uniting your individualities into connection with each other and therefore into something greater, that the Master Self becomes apparent on Earth as it is in Heaven. It is by joining together with one another – when two or more are gathered – that the power to embody a much greater being comes about. 

There is a breath that connects and unites. All is one. All apparent dissimilarities dissolve into the great Oneness of true life. That is your mission now, to awaken to the glory of your inner life and make that your chosen path. 

All is not lost. There is still time to step through the portal of awakening and bring all with you in to the great sunrise of new life. 

11:11 is just one reminder. You ARE awakening. Be ready to receive more insights and direction from your place of inner guidance. Listen. Pay attention. All that you hope and pray for is real and waiting to emerge as you open yourself to receive your next step. 



Akashic Record Guides on Meaning of 11:11 — 2 Comments

  1. Wars make it tough to awaken into the light of 1111. Lost spirits are still roaming the earth in search of that portal. Eram Saed, in her teleseminar series has the noble courage not to dodge the frightening issue. she and her team of healers.kudos to Eram and to the people who entered in dialogue with her. necessary way to go to uplift those burdene by the entities whose souls are urgently in need, for the greater good of Gaia rising for someone(s)to say Kaddish for them and thus,send them gently back to their original creator Who will receive them, gently and lovingly, and accord them the rest they are deserving. I am not sure there are enougho people who know how to say kaddish at this point in history, say kaddish and raise the dead back to life. A pity.
    I participated in a 11:11 ceremony in Hawaii in 1991 , or was it 1992 on Jan 11 (1 11) I did not go through the portal then, boddhisatvas are here to help.The boddhisatvas who awaken presently, and the newly born reentering Planet Earth, may find themlves nearer to the 33:33 portal than ever before and thus get their chance to serve in a brand new way. Could you check in the records with the help of your guides, dear Tomar? Thank you, our work together resumes. Keep your spirit Up when you research the prayer ‘kaddish’, will you? Some say that the (so named) Prayer of the Lord Jesus who is one of the Masters of Wisdom whose Teacher is Lord Maitreya himself,the awaited World Teacher.

    O me, o my,i hear the kettle sing. Forgive me for stepping out for a.moment,i need to attend to the whistle and go turn the stove off before serious damage occurs, enough is enough! Tomar,would you also, primarily on my behalf, check further (with your guides) if there is anything else they feel a need to Share aboutLord Maitreyah and bis Masters of wisdom team. And more generally about the HierarchYY work, hidden or revealed. I am getting the good gut feeling that..Lord Maitreyah.. Might soon wish to offer his declaration and that it is high time, for us earthlings,to “get it together,
    together.” Such were and still are the words of one of my beloved Rebbes, Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi.I gentl.hold on to his tzitzit during this time of our transitioning to the higher and.more expanded planes of consciousness,joy and love, and.ask him to work for the heal the Two into the 0ne. for the.sakebof Earth’s safety’s And also.to,please, b’vakeshAH, direct to the ground legions of angels that will help direct the ghosts and dybbuks and help them ascend to their place of rest to the resonant and coherent sounds of Yitkadash v’ Yitgadal, that longer version of the Essential Prayer of the Lord. As for me, My own living Tikvah, my. Promise and the Hope, is that a minyan be quickly assembled to recite Kaddish while not far from us,Christan brothers and sisters get to Share with us the shorter Prayer of the Lord , here and now by Lord, I refer to Lord Jesus all of that happening whileLord Maitreyah, the Buddah of Buddahs,the Christ of Christs reaffirms’ if such is His will,clearly,one of his previously shared statements :
    ” We are together,you and I, for the same purpose. You, my friends, are here because in your hearts you love all Men, feel responsible for the world, respond to human need and long to serve. That, likewise, is my purpose today. I,too,feel the needs of all Men everywhere to live and work with dignity and trust. The need to serve conditions my existence. The love of my heart draws me to you. We are together therefore, you and I,to serve.”
    – Maitreya

    Thank you for your attention and living participation in the work of the Hierarchy.

  2. Ah, Monique, what an interesting long contemplation you shared here. Thank you. I might ask the guides what you request. We are in the shifting time and it’s pretty shaky. As for those souls you are concerned about, surely there are other prayers that can help them find their way?

    Blessings to you,

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