Akashic Message: Solar Eclipse 3/8/16

Solar Eclipse
I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the powerful energies of the solar eclipse in Pisces. This is what they said:



There is nothing to fear, dear ones. 

As the powers gather in the heavens we reach out to you in love. 

We open a doorway for you to step through. And another one.  And another. 

These opportunities to transcend and ascend do not stop coming. 

There is reason in the timing, and for each their perfect portal will be the one they say yes to. 

Saying yes is the first step. Trusting deeply in the rightness of all that unfolds, despite appearances. 

Say yes to honor your own perfect path that you have come to walk. 

When there is fear, listen within to the voice who keeps you company.

Speak in the still hours to the voice within you and it will respond.

You are not alone. 

Be not afraid for all that is coming. Your voice will bring light to others. 

Step into the light within the darkness and let it purify you. 

Be of good cheer, the crowning light of the sun is near 

and it blazes in your heart. 

This is for each and every one –

You and you and you are being called now, tenderly, fiercely, and for all time. 

You are not alone. Remember that. 

Let the light of the sun’s fire 

bring you higher

into your own desire.

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