Akashic Message: New Year 2016

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What a season this is. I feel so much energy gathering at this time of year: the thoughts of people around the globe all focused on a new beginning, new hope, new opportunities.

It’s like a crescendo of hope. The hope of starting fresh and going further towards our dreams. The hope of being more of who we long to be, know we can be. The hope against hope for a better world.

I certainly share in those hopes – for myself and for all of us.

So once again I decided to tune in to the source of guidance I work with (one of many, actually), the ones I call the Akashic Guides, for another message for us all.

Here is that message regarding the new year that starts today:

Greetings for New Years Day 2016

This year comes pre-loaded with an immense array of potentials coming from the heart of Humanity for its own blessing. (Yes, your blessings come from your own highest self.)

There was never a better moment in time to set forth on the journey of awakening.
There was never a better time to join with others for the upliftment of all.
There was never a better time to reach for your highest ideals and trust that you are not alone.
There was never a better time to wake up out of the trance of smallness and remember who you truly are.

All of these are within your reach.

This moment is one of the bright stars in the flow of your unfolding world.
The gathering of light grows in intensity and power.
The rewards are greater while the risks remain high.

Never doubt as you step forward that what you do has a purpose.
Never fear that your efforts will not meet with success. Do them anyway.

First connect with the flow of higher wisdom that is now showering the Earth and each and every one of you. Open your heart and mind to receive that highest vibration. Do this daily.

Choose to walk in the light of your own higher mind. Choose it daily.
Do not flinch from what it shows you. Listen, watch within for what is revealed to you. Times are changing rapidly and guidance is required. Notice the changes in your outer world as you pay attention within.

Attune to the vibration of Love in your heart and do not turn from what it shows you. All are one. You will learn this now. These are not just words. You will know them as truth.

You are not alone. That message too is familiar to you, and will become a truth you live on a daily basis more and more. This is so important as you go forward for it brings you courage and comfort and joy.

Do not run from the incoming tide of light that embraces you.
Meet it full on with your own heart and mind ready to receive what is flowing to you. It will come to you gradually in waves as you open more and allow more in. Stay grounded and believe all is well. Let the new become real in you.

You have carefully chosen to be alive in this world now.
There is no accident. These are not ordinary times, as you know.

You are here for a reason. Allow that knowing to support you even when you are confused and doubting. Stay with the currents that lift and hold you even as you feel tossed about. Know you are safe.

Let your light guide you by holding your heart open to that inner spark of truth that burns within you. That is your purity that you have carried with you from such a great distance, bringing it here for a holy purpose.

Allow it to glow brighter and brighter, brighter than the confusion of your outer world. Be guided by that and all will be well. Let your inner light be your guide. Trust that and all will be well.

Your light is one node in the network of light that increases with every breath around your planet. When you connect to your inner light you tap into the greater wisdom of the entire network of life, of humanity, of your divine helpers in all dimensions.

As you receive, you breathe it in. As you exhale, you add to the cumulative light that is lifting all. Join with us now and increase the tide of light circling the world. This is your truest purpose of all, and you are doing it already. You are far greater than you know.

Feel, believe, know in your bones that you are safe and let that knowing free you once and for all.

You are home in many worlds, and you are needed here. Bless this world and bless you. That is the blessing you receive and you bestow.

Greetings to all in this year of exceeding Light.

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