Akashic Message for New Year 2015

Screen shot Akashic Book squareThe quality of the energy for the coming year is rosy in color, warm and pink-hued as in the glowing cheeks of children or in the blush of apples growing in the field. There is a warm soft emergence here – and you may want to call that frequency the feeling tone of love embracing you. Warmth and fullness.

You are stepping over the threshold in 2015, the space is opening and more freedom and clarity is infusing all of your beings. The kind of clarity that brings with it an excitement, a thrusting forward of the bursting shoots of spring that will come so soon. 

More and more energy is being released into the etheric realms surrounding your world. This supercharged energy is permeating you and your awareness is quickening in pace with the new tide of life. 

Now only the empty shell of the old is left like a dry husk on the riverbed. The New Earth has been planted with the seeds of your own vision and those of many beyond your ken. Greet them as brothers, for the turning of the world is happening in more ways than one. New world, new speech, new creativity, new words spoken into the growing edge of life. You all are part of that. Be at peace in this coming time of life. 



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