[Channeled Message] New Moon Hope

On this very powerful Sagittarius New Moon I read some astrological messages that brought me joy.

I asked my Akashic guides to share their perspective on this very expansive, auspicious New Moon in Sagittarius. This is what they said:

Blessed be to all on this Sagittarian new Moon cycle, a moment of expansion and joy in the heavens.

You are at the beginning of a new cycle in your own hearts, as truth triumphs.
Do not see only the darkness. What is dark supports the light, is not in opposition to it. It is underneath, like fertile soil. Not to be disdained but not to be consumed by, either.

When you walk on the ground you are not looking down but out towards what is beckoning you in the world beyond.

You are marching now towards a new and glorious future, although you do not see it yet and may be fearful of such promises.

Untie yourself from the knots of worry that tie up your beautiful energy and keep you in bondage to what you do not want.

Yours is the high way, the power way.
You are akin to those messengers of old who came from a distant land and saw the world around them with fresh eyes.

See what is all around you but hidden from sight.
There are sparkling grains of new life waiting to burst forth.

Just because they are in seed form does not mean that they do not carry the full intensity of creation within them. They do.
As you know from your gardens, the mystery implodes in the seed, carrying a world within its tiny frame.

So when you look for huge demonstrations about you now, you may search in vain and return disappointed. But if you feel into the energy of life that surrounds you, in the very air you breathe, you may recognize the pure and infinite potential that is always latent in every breath you take.

Thus you are learning to activate your dormant powers of creation.
For you are masters of this realm, the original creators of this world – although you do not think so.

Trust. This amazing dance you are part of is just beginning And we dance with you. Indeed, you have more dancing partners than you can ever imagine.

Breathe and take in the fullness of this prophecy, for you are the ones who have been heralded from long ago..

The return to a new dawn is coming.

Blessings be.

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