[Akashic Guides] Words of hope

MESSAGE from AKASHIC GUIDES in response to a poignant plea from a reader, who wrote me:

What does what happened mean for the American soul?
What are we to learn?
What is our job now?
Love did not prevail. Hate and fear did.
The feminine did not awaken.
For those of us who choose love and light, how do we proceed?
How does this fit Divine plan and Divine order?

Here’s how the guides responded:

Dear friends – You must not jump to conclusions based on temporary outward conditions. Have you noticed how swiftly all changes in your world? How ephemeral each moment is and along with it each pain, each joy?

What remains is love and the hierarchy of Spirit that is your truth.

It is not so that love lost. Look around you. Look at the uprising of passionate awakening on the part of so many who were quiescent before.

It is true that you live in a physical world where conditions can be harsh.
It is true that the growing edge is getting thinner… the edge that will support you in the coming time.

But you must not lose heart, for it is the human heart that we depend on.

There is a bright spirit over all.
There is a gathering cloud of light to match the storm clouds you perceive.

Do not judge what you see based on your limited view.
There is much more that is hidden from your sight.

Listen within and feel the stirring of what wants to come alive in you.
You are so much more than you think, than you have been told.
Allow this knowing to grow and swell within you.

Taking physical action in the outer world, uniting with others, is one way to find your growing strength.
But it is not the only way.

Reaching within to discover the great lineaments of your true being is another.

When you receive the whole truth about who you are, your entire world will tremble and dissolve and recreate itself along the lines of your choice, your destiny.

You will discover how permeable is the seemingly solid world around you.

This is what is unfolding now on Earth.

Be patient.

There is a process underway that you cannot perceive from where you are.
There are forces at work deeper than you can fathom.

Find it in your heart to trust the greater reality of which you are a living branch.

Sit quietly in that truth. Allow the knowing of your greater self to permeate you.
Allow yourself to receive whatever form that takes for you.

Acknowledge the joy, the vision, the intention of a greater reality.
Let it form in your view gradually, softly.
Take it to heart.

All is not lost, dear friends.
Because you are here!

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