Akashic Guides on Powerful Leo Energy

Spiral sizzling sun clipped 2​I asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the joyful, passionate, creative energy of Leo. This is what they said:

​There is nothing to fear, Leo is here. 

That could be the motto of this joyful and robust energy that leads the way, moving into the new world. 

In many ways it is exactly this energy that is most needed now – for the exuberant self-confidence and flowing outpouring of joyful liberation and inspiration overrides the fears and anxieties that are rampant. 

The full-on creative thrust of the dynamic Leo energy knows no fear; it is confident and filled with its own magic. It knows and shows the way of love, warmth, courage, and possibility. 

Let all who are hearing this rejoice, for now is a time to step into your own full power of delight and grace. 

Know that power does not have to be oppressive nor selfish nor imposing upon others. It is rather the courage to stand up and say, “Together we can do this. I’ll lead the way.”

Bravo to all Leo-infused souls. The world needs you. 



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