Akashic Guides on Mysteries of Scorpio

Lotus in dark
I received a powerful message from the Akashic Guides this month on the intense, passionate Scorpionic energies of the new moon.

What do you think they mean? Are they referring to Kundalini? I asked the question to my Facebook community and got a fascinating assortment of responses.

“Hidden in the heart of darkness lies coiled the serpent of Truth.
 Seeking that knowledge is the quest of a lifetime.

All who go on the search for the deepest truth shall be rewarded by the unwinding of their own serpentine energies, that will lead them back all the way to their Original Self.

Go on this quest, as the world needs those who pioneer in the darkness, trusting the Light.

You who are led by the light must never cease from the quest for the inmost truth that resides within you.

It is a glowing jewel in the dark and is waiting for you to reach its lair.

When you enter there, true transformation will erupt, and the old will become new again.”

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