Akashic guides on the “New Mainstream”

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 4.04.34 AMI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to address the topic of the Consciousness Crowd as the “New Mainstream.” This is what they said:

We find your jocular statement not only amusing but very accurate. We have indeed long spoken of the upsurge of new energy and freedom consciousness that is emerging among you, through you, and as you.

Yes, it  is being heralded and proclaimed and that is good. Even better is for those of you who are in this moment of recognition of yourself to have pointed out the singular and indescribable importance of what you are doing.

The article you mention speaks of a phenomenon in the culture, a movement flowing through the world. What she does not mention is that this very movement of awakening is changing your world to the point that it will be unrecognizable.

We are not promising that this change will be instant, for it is gradual. It requires some to stand apart and notice and mark the moments of gradual swelling and change as snapshots of what is never still but continually emerging.

Let yourself be affirmed in this way, to know you are indeed not imagining what you sometimes fear may be wishful thinking on the part of you who are so committed to what is calling you.

You are hearing a true call and the awakening you are experiencing is very real.

And know that many are very grateful to you for answering that call.


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