Akashic Guides: How to Add Spiritual Power to your Actions

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 4.04.34 AMI asked the Akashic Record Guides to speak to issues around to action for spiritual entrepreneurs and lightworkers. This is what they said:

This is a crossroads for your world. Action is needed.

Not all action is on the physical plane, so do not make the mistake of equating action with the physical. They are equally important – the non-physical and the physical types of action. Both are creative, generative, and can be transformative.

When and If they are in alignment, that’s where your power is the greatest. Physical action alone is not the answer to leveraging change in your world. The lever of physical action alone is not powerful enough to make the changes required at this time. When you add the energy of the universal force of love to your lever, the magnitude of power increases exponentially.

How can you add the two together? It is not hard. Remember the source and the destination at all times when you go within to choose and clarify your action choices.

Go within to your inner sanctuary and there call to you your favorite agents of spiritual power, however you conceive of them. It can be your own higher consciousness or a seeming outer being, whichever inspires you with most trust.

Enter into a silent connection with that higher source of knowing and submit to that co-creative field the request or desire you seek an answer for. Position the desire in relation to your highest purpose and for the good of all.

Open to receive the answer, the guidance, and the blessing of the energy you counsel with. Allow it to enter you whether consciously or not. Trust and know that the seed of your mission, your goal, your vision, has been received and planted within you. Trust that, thank your partners and go about your life.

Now let inspiration strike you however it does, whether in a random-seeming daydream, a chance encounter, or an overheard bit of talk on the radio. Gather the bits of greenlings sprouting through the casement of your life.

You are ready to bring new life into being through action. Outer action in the physical plane. But not until the joining together of the higher and lower, the inner and the outer has come to pass.

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