Akashic Guides: Divine Mother in Cancer

Moon in blue skyI asked the guides of the Akashic Records to speak about the strong emotional nature of Cancer. This is what they said: 

What is coming in the stars will pour into your hearts before long. 

There are no secrets left, for all will be made clear in the light of day.

All the ancient fears and sorrows are ready to be washed clean by the Divine Mother. She who is your own deepest truth is wooing you to come home to her and seek refuge and protection within her loving and infinite heart.

There is no pain too great to be healed by her infinite mercy. 

So take great joy in this moment of turning inwards and to the love at the heart of the Universe. If you take it up, you will be rewarded. If you go within and complete the cycle you will be joined there by another whom you already know. 

There is nothing to fear and nowhere to go. It is all here already. You only have to ask and open your hearts with great courage and truth-telling.

Always seek to tell the truth as you see it, for the truth is greater and more beautiful than you believe. You will be shown a greater and greater truth as you dare to approach it. 

Be of good cheer, the Mother is near. 

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