Access Joy by Healing the Pain Body

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day number 6 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Memory in the Cells by author Luis Angel Diaz.

Newly translated from the popular Spanish edition, author Luis Diaz describes his book Memory in the Cells as “where Eckhart Tolle meets What the Bleep Do We Know, but taking you on a much more practical journey.” He says Memory in the Cells teaches “emotional education” and shows the reader how to transform the “pain body” into the “joy body”, helping to heal all aspects of their lives.

Yesterday, Luis visited Lynn Serafinn’s Cosmic Journey Blog at

For today’s stop on the tour, I decided to ask Luis some questions about the origins of the pain body, and how it controls our experience – and what we can do about that.

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Tomar: You base your work on the concept of cellular memory and the pain body. Could you talk about the relation between the cells of the body, the energy field, and what you (and Eckhart Tolle) call the pain body? What does this pain body consist of and how does it keep us trapped?

Luis: Our cells are charged with a lot of information, starting with the DNA or genetic code that we receive from our ancestors and then with the experiences that we get to live in our mother’s womb plus everything we experienced from the moment of birth up to this moment.  

There are two main cell processes very important to know and understand to bring more clarity to our nature and functioning. Cells expand and contract in the same way we do.

The process of expansion happens when they grow and reproduce. Also when they feed, heal and clean themselves. Cells’ expansion, growth and healing happen when cells feel safe and open to experience life in the same way we human beings do.

The process of contraction happens when he cells perceive the presence of a danger in the system. That could be a toxin or a danger that our mind sees, perceives or predicts.

Our cells are not designed to be in contraction most of the time as many people’s cells are, due to the stress created by their minds when they see danger on a daily basis.

To grow and heal, we need cells’ expansion most of the time, and in order for that to happen we need a mind that is trained to watch and confront the fear programming that we all inherited culturally.

The pain body is the consequence of cells’ contraction and it creates discomfort in us. The Joy body is our expanded energy field, the same field that we called the Pain Body in the state of contraction.

So, to access our Joy body, we need to access the contractions and open them up, using presence and awareness as a main tool.

Tomar: Do we get addicted to suffering, and if so, why – or how?
Luis: What we called addiction to suffering is the automatic repetition of learned patterns in us. They are just habits. We do what is familiar to us even though it may be painful.

Energetically speaking, the suppression of negative emotions creates in us a vortex that behaves like a magnet that attracts more of the same. For example if we hold old anger in us, then the world becomes an angry place, and we attract angry people and situations. The scenario changes with the emotion that we store the most. In this way the emotions we don’t want to feel control and rule our life. In other words, the pain body controls us!

Tomar: What is the method you’ve discovered to release or transform the pain body? Are the effects permanent? And what is usually the result that you’ve seen in your clients after they do this process?

Luis: PBR or Pain Body Release is a process that anybody can learn and it is designed to help people get empowered to be able to transform their negativity into peace and fulfillment.

Those who practice it access their innate abilities. As they transform the pain body, the joy body arises in a permanent way, because that is our original design.

Tomar: What is the role of beliefs in our suffering?

Luis: Beliefs create emotional responses in us. What I called toxic beliefs create cell contraction, therefore, stress and discomfort in our bodies. This creates disease and dysfunction. The more we keep thinking them, the more unhappy and confused we feel.

Examples of that are: “I am unworthy”, I am unlovable”, I am on my own”, “I am dirty”, “I am stupid”, “I am weak”, “I am ugly”, “life is too difficult for me”, “I Can’t trust anybody”, etc. These are what I called, personal lies that create a lot of contractions in us and affect our life, physically, emotionally, financially and professionally.

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