Have less fear in the New Year


Welcome to 2022!

On the one hand, New Year’s is an arbitrary division in the flow of our days.

On the other hand, it’s a collective agreement to turn a new page and imagine a new start.

Like all new years, this one feels significant to me. 

I’m aware of how much stress we have all been under for these strange intense years, although the causes are multifold – you can pick your stress and I’ll pick mine.

For the last while I’ve been writing about Divine Partnership and Empowered Prayer and this seems an opportune time to offer some tangible help in the prayer department.

It is possible to feel less scared, insecure, fearful, lost, and unsupported.

Prayer can do that – at least if you have an idea of who you’re praying to.

I have also written about the power of prayers of request. We have the right to make requests of the divine realm, since we are also divine – divine humans.

So here are two basic prayers you can use.

One is a general prayer for protection and the other is specifically for the virus.

These prayers may be a little long to memorize so they come equipped with “code words” you can assign to them. It works like magic. After reading them once out loud, you can use the code word or phrase from then on – how cool is that? You can easily say your prayer a hundred times a day if you like. (And you can choose your own code words if you don’t like mine.)

There is one proviso about the ability to use prayer effectively: you must believe. You must believe that the divine realm you are addressing is real. And you must believe in yourself, that you’re worthy: worthy to ask, worthy to receive, worthy to be a divine partner.

Maybe using these prayers will help your belief grow if it’s a little shaky.

Prayer of Protection
Divine Source Creator, each and every day place a shield of ultimate protection around me to safeguard me from any illness, accident, or outside attack – whether physical, mental, emotional or energetic – to keep me safe, strong, and healthy in body and mind. Protect my home environment, all my possessions, my means of travel and all my activities. Protect and maintain my sources of income and guide my creative expression for optimal fulfillment.

Extend this protection to my family members, pets, loved ones, friends and colleagues, and their homes, to keep all safe. Guard me from any physical or non-physical interference that could cause me harm, including negative energies, overt or subliminal messaging, subconscious influences, as well as all toxic substances or energies not for my highest good. Help me to remain stable and grounded through all life brings me, connected to my source and higher self, supported by community, and permeated by love, both giving and receiving, both human and divine.

Link this entire prayer to the word “Protection” so that every time I think or say that word this entire prayer request is made, with maximum intention and effectiveness.

Thank you. Show me now.

Remove All Dangerous Viruses
Source Creator, remove all dangerous viruses from everywhere I go, everything I touch, and everyone I encounter.
Remove all dangerous pathogens from every person or object I come in contact with and from the air I breathe, wherever I go.
Have any harmful organisms removed immediately from my vicinity and keep them out of my body.
And if any do enter my body, remove and de-activate them immediately to keep me safe.

Link this entire prayer to the phrase “Remove All Dangerous Viruses” so that every time I think or say that phrase this entire prayer request is made, with maximum intention and effectiveness.

Thank you. Show me now.

That’s a little taste of the huge range possible with empowered prayers. It’s become one of my favorite pastimes to create them, for myself and others.

The prayers I make for other people are comprehensive, complex, customized requests that encompass every part of your life and emphasize whatever feels most urgent.  I put my heart into crafting these “mega prayers” and they can become as long as two or three pages, depending on your need!

I also create prayers to heal, protect, guide, and support your loved ones, so you can launch prayers for your child or spouse over and over, if you’re worrying about them and wish you had a way to help.

If you’d like more information about this service, just write to me.

Oh, the best part is that when you have enough belief and address the highest source directly, that source can hear your request and respond, within the limits of what’s possible.

(Yes, the force that gave rise to ears, mouths, and language – and which is consciousness itself – and which you are part of — is able to hear and know your thoughts. How could it be otherwise? )

I believe that the force that gave rise to the creation wants that creation to thrive. But it has also given humans free will – so we must initiate, including in the solving of our own problems. We can go it alone or we can get help.

If we want The Source of All to help us it can, but we must ask. And we must know how to ask.

May this new year be a blessing to you and all you love –

Who is the Christed One?


Today is marked in our calendars as Christmas, the Christ-mass, celebrating the birth of oneness, in a single body, of the human and the divine.

That sounds a lot like you – and each one of us.

For each and every human being combines those two realities – two realms we have been taught forever to believe are separate.

We are each human and divine.

What is a Christ, anyway?
Christ – or Christed – means “anointed one.”
With what are we each anointed if not with the grace of our true origin?

Although raised in a secular Jewish home, I have had my own fascination with the person of Jesus, and with esoteric Christianity.

Nowadays I often use the symbol of the cross in my guided meditations.

Here’s how I do it:
First I invoke the vertical column of energy flowing through you, connecting heaven and Earth. (Sense that now as you send your energy down, down, down to the center of Earth and then up, up, up to the highest point above you, and feel your spine straighten and lengthen as the energy pulls both ways.)

Then I invite your energy to spread out horizontally, embracing the physical plane, encompassing all your animal brothers and sisters, and every part of the natural world.

This vertical axis and horizontal plane create stability as they cross at your heart – where many say your soul’s  flame resides. (Inside your heart is a secret chamber with a pilot light that never goes out. You can turn it up right now to shine even brighter.)

By the way, the six-pointed Jewish star similarly points to heaven and to Earth in two triangles combining the spiritual and material planes in one stable form.

The little Jewish boy known as Yeshua was said to be “son of God and son of man.” Yet so too is each one of us: in essence divine and in form – at least in this lifetime – human.

We are the meeting place of two realities. We are where the finite and infinite meet.

The times we are living in are, as you know, not normal – if “normal” is what we were used to. And we never know what is coming next.

This is a time of stress and sadness for many, while for others it is one of rejoicing and love. 

Wherever you find yourself this season, remember, you are still a divine being, for nothing can ever change that.

The truth is, you are forever divine and only temporarily human.

We all have what I call dual citizenship and it is our birthright to lay claim to what is ours. You can dial up the divine realm whenever you wish. You can call home.

How can God allow suffering? (The answer)


Recently I’ve been writing about my newfound passion for empowered prayer, and the  living partnership with the Divine that is available to all.

Unfortunately, for many people there are obstacles to experiencing this. 

In my last message I wrote about some barriers to prayer that a reader sent me.

What I omitted is the greatest, most ubiquitous barrier not only to prayer, but to belief in the very possibility of a loving and powerful deity.

This is, of course, what’s known as “the problem of evil.” 

I was called to account by a poignant email I received from a friend and colleague who shared her personal plight, saying:

 I am in a place of total confusion about God/Goddess/deities in any form.  Do they exist and do they have any real power?….Hard to see how any form of the Divine could allow what is happening on this planet. …

I told her I believe there is a very simple explanation for this that I would address in my next newsletter… and here we are!

So what is this “very simple” explanation, and how dare I assert that I can answer such a painful plea, coming from so many for so long, born of anguish, lostness, and disillusionment, abandonment, outrage, and cynicism? 

The explanation is simple because it is based on clearing up a basic misunderstanding about who we are, who or what the Divine Source is, and what our relationship is supposed to be (in my humble opinion).

Those who ponder the existence of suffering often claim that “either God is loving but not powerful, or powerful but not loving.” 

This complaint can be traced for over 2,000 years and seems to be pretty ingrained in us. But it’s based on what I think is a false – even a naive – assumption.

It’s based on the assumption that if there were a loving and powerful deity, its job would be to take care of all our problems, keep us safe, and allow no harm to befall us. And it would not allow evil to exist.

In other words, it would be a doting parent – of an infant. This implies we should think of ourselves as passive and helpless infants in relation to our Source.

Why do I say this?

Well, isn’t an adult parent (human or animal) supposed to be both loving and powerful in relation to its young? Isn’t a good parent one who takes responsibility, who looks out for its precious ones and tries to see no harm befalls them?  (Think mama bears.)

But for how long is this behavior supposed to go on? How long does it go on for in animal families? (Think birds and nests.)

Protection is needed in infancy, but if it persists for too long we call that “over-protective” parenting, which impairs the child’s development. A child whose parent does everything for it, and tries to keep it safe at every turn, may never grow up, never meet challenges, and not learn to be strong, resilient, and resourceful itself.

An over-protected child will not become an empowered adult.
Where does this desire to be over-protected children (of God) come from?

We have, over millennia, been manipulated into believing we are worthless and powerless and need to be supplicants on our knees. I call this the “measly worm” syndrome.

What if, instead, we are literally offspring of the Divine, made of its being and consciousness? What if we are godlings in the making? 

How would we ever develop our own capacities for love and power if everything were done for us? We would remain in the dormant state of infancy, blissful but atrophied. We would never discover and realize our full potential.

We would never discover – like some Marvel superhero – Who We Really Are.

Here’s the scoop: We live in a free-will paradigm.

We humans have been given the gift of free will and we’re supposed to use it.
We’ve also been given intelligence and creativity and we need to use those too.

There’s one more important thing about a free-will paradigm: it allows evil to exist! 

What if this whole world is an experiment to see what this human, this divine offshoot, can do using its own will, intelligence, and creativity to solve its problems – including the problem of evil?

If so, the parent can’t interfere. It wants us to take the lead. It wants us to grow up.  It wants us to discover our power and potential.

But it also remains ever-present in the background. We have never been alone.
The plan always was for us to be in partnership with the divine realm, not for the divine to do everything for us, and not for us to do everything on our own.

That is the false dichotomy – the assumption that it must be all one way or all the other. There is a third choice!

What hasn’t yet been tried is for this divine human to activate its power, for us to use our free will, intelligence, and creativity as a co-equal partner with our parent.

What we haven’t known is that we have to take the lead and invite our divine partner to dance with us, to solve our problems together.

Our Divine Source is waiting for us to invite it to dance.

There’s a specific way to do this and it’s called Empowered Prayer. Not ordinary prayer, but highly leveraged, skillfully crafted requests to harness the power of our Divine Source in ways that work.

We have to ask and to know how to ask. That’s the secret. It’s understanding what our relationship is meant to be and the powerful role we need to play, as leaders on this free-will planet…not as supplicants on our knees…

…not as babies, but as godlings.

We have to assume our responsibility as maturing divine humans – infants no more. 

Barriers to prayer . . . and a starter-kit anyone can use


A reader recently reached out to me, responding to my emails on prayer with this powerful statement:

“I have begged and pleaded but haven’t yet found that voice of it *really* being ok to request, or even to be sure if my requests are ‘reasonable’ in the eyes of That which has No Name, Boundlessness herself…and yes feminising for the moment is helpful to me in decapitating the monster patriarchal “God” of the capital G, male, linear, … maybe that God is Patriarchy itself elevated to substitute and obscure the realm of the goddess.”

Wow! Perhaps some of you can relate to her eloquent musings. I can, myself.

She articulates (and I will address) several important barriers keeping her from feeling open to prayer: 

1. Not being sure it’s okay to ask for help,
2. Resistance to the concept of a possibly hostile male “God,”
3. The idea of the Ultimate as a Nameless, Boundless consciousness, not a personal being one can communicate with.

Patriarchy vs Divine Feminine
For some the idea of a personified deity is too redolent of old patriarchal images,
including the suppression (by humans) of the Goddess tradition. Religion has been distorted to be used as a weapon and we see this everywhere to this day.  This has understandably turned many away from religion and has given the ‘G word’ a bad odor as a result.

For many women, especially, the divine that liberates us must be feminine in nature, and may be represented by a female form or by formlessness itself.

Non-Duality vs a Personal Relationship with a Divine Being
For some who have been trained in non-dual and impersonal approaches to spirituality, any idea of a  personal deity may feel suspect and not to be trusted.

Aspiring to a state of Oneness is an ideal in many traditions, although one that is hard to attain and not the be-all and end-all of what we on Earth, living in physical bodies, need to be concerned with.

In fact, the term ‘non-dual’ is commonly mis-used. My understanding is that it is meant to be an inclusive term, embracing the all and the many, the both-and reality we live in, not preferring oneness over duality but including both.

Who we are can go back and forth between oneness and twoness, and we do.

My reader also wrote:
“If I request help to feel That which Has No Name, to sense, to allow my senses to open again, to come to life, the language of ‘asking’ still seems to set me up for a shut-down.”

This is what I wrote back: 
“It is your birthright to ask for help of any kind from that which is your Source. I would encourage you to speak directly to the divine in whatever form feels most comfortable to you.”

Here is a simple prayer I suggested, that encompasses all of these objections: 

“Dear Divine Mother, you who are beyond all form, concepts, words, and categories, and yet who also have ears to hear, help me to know you and experience you so that I feel your realness and your closeness to me.”

You can use this prayer or any other version that works for you.

How to Construct a Simple Prayer
Including the all-purpose words “help me” allows you to layer on additional requests
such as “help my body become strong and healthy” or “help me attain inner peace” or “help me find the strength and courage to speak what I am afraid to speak, including asking for help.”

Is It Okay to Ask for Help?
My reader also shared that her early family experience was of  “not being heard, not being met, of being dismissed. Certainly not helped in ways that met my requests for help, my needs.”

A non-nurturing childhood is true for many of us and may underlie our reluctance to ask for help now.

Can we dare to believe there could truly be a loving and accepting Divine being, and that it’s okay to ask, let alone that our requests might be answered? You mean we won’t be blamed, spurned, or even punished?

Can these painful imprints from our past ever be healed so they no longer hurt and stop us?

I believe most things can be healed and we should ask for that. Some of it may require more than simple prayer requests, but we should start there, exactly where we are.

The Divine encourages us to ask for support, guidance, inspiration, healing, and protection. There is no reason not to do this.

If you feel blocked in your ability to even ask for help, pray to have those blocks removed, whatever they are. You can ask to feel safe and worthy to ask, worthy to be heard and worthy to be helped.

Feel free to ask for whatever you want (including for others), so long as it won’t  harm another.

Just be sure to start by naming the source of power you are addressing, in whatever way feels comfortable to you. This is a conversation and that’s how you open the connection. It’s like dialing the phone number of the one you wish to reach.

You can think of this as a starter-kit for how to assemble a simple prayer request to the highest source you feel resonant with, whether it’s Divine Beloved, Source, Creator, Infinite Mother, Oneness, Creator of All That Is, Great Spirit, God, Allah, or any other name you use. You can even address your Higher Self, if you prefer, for that soul extension that guides your journey is also able to respond to prayers.

In this way prayer can be fitted to suit your personal spiritual comfort zone, and your personal emotional needs, for the divine realm is vast and includes it all.