How to Easily Access Your Inner Guidance

I’m becoming more and more committed to seeking guidance – my own higher guidance and wisdom that’s always available when I remember to connect to it.

(Can you guess what the image on the left has to do with hearing my inner guidance? Read on and you’ll find out!)

Do you know that your own inner wisdom is always available for you to hear?

I bet you do. I bet you’ve had more than one experience of  awe at the clarity and loving compassion that’s come through you in one form or another – for yourself or another.

But, if you’re like me, you also forget it’s there, forget to turn in that direction, forget to ask, and forget to listen.

I certainly forget, all the time. Like with any practice, remembering to do it, and developing a daily habit of one or two simple actions, is the most important step – and the hardest one.

Meditating, journaling with my higher self, or consulting a card to connect to my guidance for the day – that’s easy. It’s also enjoyable and helpful. My day goes better if I start it that way. I feel more centered and supported. And I remember what’s important.

Yet remembering to make that inner connection for some reason seems to be hard. Overcoming the resistance that is the ego’s reaction to any change, including a change of consciousness  – that’s what’s hard.

That’s why reminders help. That’s why cultivating a habit until it feels like second nature, like brushing my teeth, is so important. That’s why taking seriously the importance of this inner connection and making a commitment to it that’s not based on how I feel, is major.

That remembering, and developing a regular habit of inner connection, can actually be the turning point of life.

The other day, before hosting a webinar for my friend Pam Hale about her wonderful tool for accessing inner wisdom, the Sand Spirit Insight Cards, I decided to pull a card from her deck for myself.
I turned the cards face down on my bed, swirled them around with my hand and let my eye be drawn to one card that seemed to be calling me. When I turned it over, I saw the suggestion of a figure leaning over to the left. (That’s the card featured above. Take a look and see if you see the same thing.)

But I realized that from the figure’s vantage point, she was leaning to her right. Her head was clearly tilting in that direction, and perched on top of her head, a little right of center, was a little white feather – like a delicate antenna pointed at the sky.

What was the message I got from this card? You guessed it: Listen. Connect to guidance. Tune in. Lean into my right brain and keep that antenna up.

This is also the message of the Sand Spirit cards themselves. So the message was personal for me, but also related to the topic we would be discussing on the call.

I find that when I feel resistance, the easiest thing is to pull a card. Many oracle cards spell out their meaning for you. What’s special about the Sand Spirits is that they invoke and invite your active participation, your tuning in to your own intuition and wisdom. They help you develop inner receptivity to your own wisdom.

The Sand Spirits invite you into a relationship. And they can be companions for life.

By the way, when I checked the number of this particular card- for each card has its own number – it was 29, that day’s date, the date of our call about the Sand Spirit Cards.
There are no accidents!

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To find out how you can learn to use the Sand Spirit Insight Cards to develop your own connection to your inner wisdom, click here for information about Pam’s Virtual Retreat.