What If Your Beliefs Are Really True??

I‘m interested in transforming limiting beliefs. Beliefs about money, success, self-value, as well as many other things that people hold limiting beliefs about.

There is much talk about beliefs in the air these days, in the healing and self-help communities  – and that’s a good thing.

Yet a client challenged me recently and asked if it were accurate to speak of beliefs – even limiting beliefs – if what you are believing is really true. Why call it a belief if it’s true? Isn’t there a difference?

I thought that was an interesting enough question to answer here. It made me think.

What is a belief, anyway?
Is it an opinion? Is it a deeply held conviction that I defend with my life? (We see a lot of that in the public arena – in politics and religion.)

So here’s what I came up with: A belief is any concept about reality that you hold as true and which therefore determines how you view yourself and life, how you feel, think, and behave.    Continue reading