The Journey

We are souls on a journey.

You are a soul on a journey – that I know about you. Where you are on your journey I do not know, and you do not know.

Your purpose is to walk on that path, using your heart as your navigator.

The more you say yes to the highest desire of your heart – even if you don’t yet know what that is – the more dependably will it serve as your guide.

Picture yourself on your path of life. It stretches in front of you and behind you. You have come so far – congratulations!

But you cannot see clearly where the path leads.

That’s okay. You do not have to see far ahead – only where to put your next foot.

Let the light in your heart serve as your lantern to illuminate the path ahead and show you where to place your next step.

Consult that light in your heart any time you are in doubt. Always come back to that; it can be trusted.

You are exactly where you need to be. Trust the journey. It will take you to the very place your heart desires.

The Path Unfolds Only When You Walk On It

If you are a Spiritual Creative, you are probably conscious of being on a path – a spiritual path, a life path, or a path of self-discovery.

But being on a path does not necessarily mean that you have a clear idea of where that path is taking you. Sometimes all you know is that you want to move towards some greater alignment with yourself and your purpose, whatever that may be.

What if your vision is just a feeling, a sense, a glimmer of possibility? Something is calling you – but what is it, exactly?

There can be an enormous yearning in your soul without having to know precisely what that yearning is for.

How can you move towards such an elusive goal? . . .    Continue reading

The Seeker’s Dilemma


When I created this painting  – many years ago, now – it was my attempt to depict one image of the spiritual path. I called it The Quest or The Seeker.

And for many, many years I have thought of myself as a seeker. Seeking spiritual connection, seeking learning, seeking my way, seeking my purpose.

I think some of us are born with a hunger. And some – like me – can feel more comfortable seeking than finding. Seeking is how I knew myself. But when you are identified with being a seeker, it tends to keep your goals always on the horizon. There is comfort in thinking attainment is just around the corner, will arrive the day after tomorrow.

Eventually I got wise to this tendency in myself. It will always be part of me, but I now make an effort to stay mindful of when I am using the seeker identity to keep from taking action.

I have learned that I don’t have to be perfect to take action. I don’t have to wait until I feel completely ready. I don’t even have to be sure that I’m on my perfect path that is leading to my ultimate perfect purpose.

I’ve learned that for me the medicine is taking action – and that taking actions beyond my comfort zone actually create miracles.

Called to Purpose: Your Next Steps

I’ve been thinking a lot about next steps – my next steps, the next steps you in my community are making, and the next steps that I believe our world is on the brink of.

These are not just baby steps I’m talking about. I believe we’re all on the verge of something big – a true transformation.

And yet, the actual steps have to be easily do-able, or we will never take them. And that includes lots of tiny steps along the way. As we all have heard, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

What about you? Is there a journey you feel called to embark on? Is there a longing, an inner pull, maybe even a clear or semi-clear vision that you’ve been wanting to bring forth?

And is what’s stopping you that you’re just not sure what your first step should be?

What excites me most about what’s happening in the world today is the intersection of two levels of purpose that a lot of us are responding to.

Many people are feeling the call of their soul, the call of their personal purpose, whether that call is clear as a bell or still shrouded in mist.

And at the same time, many are also feeling another call, the call to share in a much bigger, planetary purpose.  . . . Continue reading