Receiving Guidance, Releasing Fear

In a recent post I described the two voices within us – the one coming from our Higher Self and the other coming from our ego, or conditioned, or lower self.

It’s very important that we become conscious of these two voices, with their different motivations, these two sources of direction within us. We have to first make them conscious before we can work with them. Most of the time Ego-mind is what we take to be the voice of truth. We are not conscious of it as a voice within us with a particular agenda. Because it uses fear to control us, we are quick to believe it.

I think we are quick to believe this voice because fear taps into a very primal, primitive, survival instinct that is hard-wired into every one of us. Any hint of fear tends to make us fear for our survival, and that always takes priority!

In order to explore these questions, you need to hear both voices. You need to make room for the message of your Higher Self, with its vision of your highest potential, the purpose your soul took form for in this life. This is what inspires you, and lights you up. And this is where your greatest SUCCESS will come from, as well! . . . Continue reading

New Year Lessons from Lotus, the Three-Legged Cat


As we move into the new year, it is appropriate to take some moments in self-reflection. Look at who you’ve been, and who you are becoming. And make sure to appreciate your own beauty.

Take a deep look at who you really are, and let yourself experience the sweetness of your soul gazing back at you.

When you reflect on who you’ve been in the past year, do not brood or give in to the temptation to judge yourself . . . you know that never helps!

Instead, look yourself straight in the eye, unflinchingly, and accept whatever you see there . . . the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful, the mundane and the sublime. . . You in your wholeness!
You in your purrfection!


May you be happy, healthy, and keep your sense of humor in the coming year!



With love and blessings,

p.s. There will be more “Lessons from Lotus” coming your way in the year to come!

Soulful/Feline Reflections for the New Year – 4

Look at yourself unflinchingly, straight in the eye. What do you see? Do you see the familiar image of every day? Do you see who you’ve always seen, your self-image, the one who goes by your name? Stay with it longer. See if you can look without blinking, just gaze into and through your eyes, through to the other side. They say the eyes are windows to the soul. If you look into your own eyes for a long enough time, you will start to see something that may not be familiar. You may even see your face start to change. Let that happen. And also let whatever it is that looks through your eyes, that which is the light of conscious awareness within your body’s form – let that awareness become awake and let it be present. And let yourself make contact directly with that. See how it affects you to stay with the presence of your true self, in quiet direct contact. Does your energy expand? Do you want to look away, to return to your daily tasks? See if you can stay with it just a little longer, remaining fully awake and present to what you’re feeling. Let the intensity grow. The presence that is your true self is always there, if you are willing to pay attention to it.

Soulful/Feline Reflections for the New Year – 3

It is wonderful to deepen your self-inquiry. But make sure you don’t get obsessive or caught in the trap of self-criticism. Self-awareness is not the same as brooding or wallowing in self-pity – God forbid! It is most important to hold yourself with a compassionate and forgiving gaze, not an accusing one. In fact, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, and leave the lose-lose cycle of “compare and despair” behind you forever. Self-knowledge is liberating, but only when it is true knowledge, in the widest sense. For that you must learn to see  yourself with the same love and acceptance that Spirit sees you with. Remember that when you are tempted to judge yourself, you are only seeing a tiny speck and magnifying that out of all proportion. To see the whole picture of yourself in your truth, you must include all your  traits, your idealism and your vulnerability, your highest intentions, the aspirations of your soul, and the purity with which you came into this life. That is still who you are, under whatever disguises you may sometimes wear. Encourage that one to step forth now, and embrace that one. Express your gratitude and allow all of you to become integrated as the one being you are. Let the whole you play!