How to be a change agent in your business

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 15 of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Corporate World by author Maria Gamb.

Written by former Fortune 500 executive, Maria Gamb, who spent more than 20 years trailblazing businesses valued at upwards of $100 million, Healing the Corporate World is a cutting-edge book examining the deep, and usually unspoken, ailment of the modern corporate world, offering solutions for healing at a personal, financial and even spiritual level. By showing the reader “the four cycles of transformational leadership”, Maria provides business leaders, from solo entrepreneurs to corporate senior executives, practical answers on how to transform their organizations from the inside out, and become “Change Agents”, consciously creating their own reality.

Yesterday, Maria visited Charly Leetham at

For today’s stop on the tour, I decided to ask Maria some questions about the universal laws and principles of business growth, and how this applies to solo entrepreneurs.

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Tomar: How do you define the new role of “leaders” in the world today?

Maria: Somewhere along the way I believe that some, not all, have lost their way and understanding of what being a leader means in the world.  In the book I offer 4 key distinctions of leaders today:  … Continue reading