Overcomers, Inc. is published!

C1_OvercomersIncbooksmWhat an exciting day Thursday was! Our long-awaited book, Overcomers, Inc.: True Stories of Hope, Courage, and Inspiration was launched, was celebrated, and went to #1 on Amazon in three categories.

I’ve never been part of a book launch before, and this is my first time published. I feel extremely fortunate to have found my way to this magical  book and I’m proud to be associated with a product of such quality and power.

When I decided to participate, I initially felt vulnerable about sharing my story, but I knew I had to do it. The first part of this remarkable journey for me involved figuring out how to express what I wanted to communicate, how to craft it into a form, and how to compress it into a few pages. That in itself was a rich, complex, and growthful experience and would have been enough of a reward.

But then, after months of anticipation and wondering, I received a copy of this beautiful book and got to experience the real reward: discovering the amazing group of human beings I’d been traveling alongside. . . .  Continue reading

Are Your Creative Projects Stalled?

Is the manuscript of your work-in-progress buried in a desk drawer that you rarely open? Is a half-finished quilt stuffed in your closet, with all the pieces waiting for your return? Do you have unfinished poems, a partial scrapbook, collage materials, old watercolor sets, or perhaps one or two musical instruments stashed away somewhere that you rarely, if ever, glance at anymore? And what about your jewelry-making that everyone encouraged you in, or that sculpture class you took, or your desire to learn more about your digital camera so your photos would be as great as your brother-in-law’s?

You may be avoiding looking at your abandoned creative projects, but when you do accidentally bump into them, do they look back at you reproachfully? And do you feel that pang? Do you cringe and slink away?

If so, there is hope! I am offering a Creativity Support Group for people just like you – people who would love to get back into their creative work, but can’t find the way.

Diving In: Reclaiming the Joy of Your Creative Life is just what you need to help you challenge the negative beliefs, myths, fears, and habits that are keeping you stuck, as well as to find the time and space you need, which will miraculously appear with the help of the group.

Click here to go to the page with all the information and the cool pictures to inspire you.

This will be fun!!! If I’m describing you, then you really shouldn’t miss this opportunity!