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Are you here to help create a better world?

Your soul is calling you to express more of who you are.
The world is calling you to be of help in this time of need.
Will you answer those two calls?

These times are hard but this is the time we were born for!
Do you want to unpack your gifts and find out why you’re here?
Or maybe you know, but feel stuck.
                                                                                                                         You are here to be the light in the world that only you can be.
Even if you’re scared.
Even if you don’t think you’re good enough.
Even if you don’t know what you could possibly contribute.
Even if you’re terrified of being seen or heard.
Even if you wouldn’t know where to begin and everything’s gone wrong up till now.
Even if you’ve given up hope.Many people I would call light workers (although you may not like that term) are here for a very important reason, but are struggling. I know how hard it is to be highly sensitive and empathic in our current reality. You may also still be dealing with unhealed wounds.I can help with all of that. I believe that light workers – those who are here to help heal and uplift the world, each in their own unique way – are the people most needed now, but often the ones who struggle the most.

As a ‘highly sensitive’ light work er myself, and a late bloomer to boot, who didn’t launch my career till well past fifty –  I have developed many methods to support people like you (like us). You can read about them below.


Fulfilment depends on 3 things:
Purpose + Emotional Healing + Spiritual Connection

Remember, you are a soul on a human journey. You are both human and divine.
The human part needs healing and the divine part needs to be accessed and consulted for its guidance, wisdom, insight, and love. We can do this together.

These three – finding and pursuing your purpose, effective emotional healing, and reconnecting with your spiritual source – are the central pillars of my work with clients.


Within you is a light that is unique to you, a strand of energy that is needed by the whole.

You have capacities of heart, mind, and spirit that, once released, can transform the lives of others – and your own life. I know that you are here to make a difference. You have heard the call and you are eager to respond.

I want to help you hold up the torch of your unique genius, your gifts, your contribution to the world. This is your birthright!